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The ancient Aliki quarry at Thasos. Though a Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea, the area was once geographically part of Macedonia.

An impressive ancient quarry partially submerged in the sea: The Aliki quarry on the southern shores of the island of Thassos (Greece) symbolises ancient stone work and trade, with the Mediterranean as the connecting link since time immemorial.

It also symbolises how quarrying may shape the landscape over the centuries. A coarse-grained, white calcitic marble, Aliki was a highly prized stone in Antiquity, exported throughout the Eastern Mediterranean to places such as Thessalonica, Delphi, Ostia, Rome, Ephesos, Antioch and Cyrenaica.

Extraction may have started in the 6th Century BC, and it ceased more than a thousand years later in the early 7th Century, perhaps due to an earthquake. The ancient quarrying techniques are well displayed by the bay of Aliki and the nearby shorelines of the island, and the quarries are easily accessible for tourists. (quarryscapes)

On a closer observation, Roman wedge holes as well as marks from picks and chisels can still be seen.

Photos courtesy & taken by Joanna Papanikolaou.

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Ohrid, Macedonia. Backpacking the Balkans, 2013

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Life in Madagascar. We are based in Antananarivo which is the capital of Madagascar.
Here are a few pictures to show what the surrounding scenary is like. Living here can be chaotic at time and pretty unpredictable. The roads are full of potholes, we have frequent power cuts and political instability.
We also have beautiful sunrises and sunsets, amazing fresh organic fruit and veg, some great people and phenomenal nature!

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Gian Paolo Barbieri, Madagáscar, Sainte Marie, preparing the fishing on a rainy morning

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This October Earthship Biotecture will be joined by a team of student soldiers to build a unique ‘Earthship flower-design’ community center in Malawi, Africa.

Working together with,Empower Malawi, to gather volunteers and funds necessary to build two rooms, or petals, of the eight-room community center over the course of ten days.

The project, Kapita Earthship Community Centre, is to be the first of its kind in the area and will become a sustainable development epicenter for 38 villages and over 5,000 rural people in South East Mzimba district East Mzimba district in Malawi.

The Kapita Earthship Community Centre is to house a secure community bank, a library, a dispensary for medical services and supplies, administration offices, classrooms for teaching children and adults, and a local food bank to develop food security. All of these are that do not exist for the people of Mizimba, Malawi and the surrounding areas. 

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So much beauty in this photo. Ahhh. The Maldives. 

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Fatoumata Diawara’s Gretsch guitar

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